Important Points to Understand About Auto Glass Insurance
In order to avoid uncertainty or misconception when filing a claim for glass breakage, it is best to double-check on what is incorporated in your coverage. You may have a deductible to pay.
You have the Right to Choose Your Glass Shop
  • Look out for insurance carriers who claim they exclusively work with particular auto glass repair shops. These are not always the best services you can obtain and in all probability, the insurance companies have hidden schemes with these repair facilities. Any respectable auto insurance coverage allows you to have your auto glass replaced or repaired by any auto glass expert you select provided the company abides by the provisions mentioned in your insurance policy.
  • It is not safe to be driving with a cracked windshield as it could perhaps impair your visibility and lead to an accident. Or it may not perform it's structural job in the safety of the automobile during a collision.
  • Have a look at the cost of your deductible if auto glass repair and replacement are built into your coverage. It may not seem sensible to file a claim if your deductible exceeds the total cost of the replacement.
  • Some insurance brokers may discourage you from submitting a windshield repair claim on the assumption that your upcoming premiums will rise considerably the instant you do this. Generally speaking, insurance premiums must not be influenced when you apply your option for a repair or a replacement considering that an auto glass replacement is normally defined as a “no fault’ clause.
Here Is some Contact Information for Most Insurance Companies:
State Farm
(Lynx Services)
Farm Bureau
(Lynx Services)
Elephant Auto

Nationwide On Your Side Glass Service

When contacting your insurance company tell them you want Bryan's Mobile Auto Glass to service your vehicle.
We are on the list for most insurance companies as a Qualified Repair/ Replacement Specialist. We work for you.